Our Team

Head Coach

Ameya, as Crossfit L-1 Certified Trainer and is coaching for the past 5 years and has personally experienced how being overweight affects one's confidence, personality, and social well being. His purpose is not only to share my learnings with my clients, but also help them make fitness as a key consideration in their lifestyle choices, something that has shaped what I am today.

Anup Singh
Head Coach

'Anup’ the name itself holds a powerful meaning ‘Bank of a River’ and Hails from the Center of India , Raipur. Practising the CrossFit form since 5 years now and training the best clients over different parts of India, he is with us to share his valued experiences and expertise.

Pranay Meher

“Pranay Meher Hails from Mumbai, and has been in the fitness industry over 5 years now and having trained profiles such as Athletes, CrossFitters, Kids. Passionate about his career he is Specialised in Strength & Conditioning training, Mobility, HIIT and Weightlifting. A true believer In Dedication and ensures that each point picked up by him shall be completed towards ones fitness goals.
We @flofitboxmumbai welcome him to grow the community and himself”

Salman Shaikh
Head Coach

Salman, who hails from Mumbai and also known as the one who ain’t afraid of any challenges thrown at him.
Being one of the senior S&C Coaches in Mumbai (7 years ) , he’s the one guy you wouldn’t want to miss your classes with. Be it S&C, Gymnastics, Endurance Training, he has mastered them all and is here to share his valuable skill set, knowledge to the community to take them all to next level.
Pursued his certifications from K11 and S&C L2 course he’s here to also take care of the upcoming Gymnastics Classes which we would be conducting every Saturday at the Box.

Prayas Kharbadikar
Gravity Pilates Coach

Prayas who has always been a fitness enthusiast since his childhood. Having taking part in all the athletics and playing cricket at club level. He has played kabadi and Kho - kho at state level in his college.
His educational background too is Vast covering Gravity Pilates and Gravity Foundation from Dubai and the Only Master Trainer to train the form in India.
He’s also a K11 Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Sports & Conditioning, USA Rehab Trainer Certified, Australia TRX, STC Certified.
Gravity Pilates is one of the best things that we all could experience which is quite different than many of the forms of Pilates which completely helps clients in
* Body Toning
* Postural and Body Alignment
* Recuperating from Injuries