As the mastermind at FloFitBox, it is his mission to develop programs that encourages and pushes people across the board to train together, and build a Fit, Healthy and Happy community. The main objective is to improve the health and quality of life of our members through our fitness program that is broad, general, and inclusive and something that will prepare people for any physical contingency.

The programming methodology is developed over the years training people from diverse backgrounds, ranging from professional sports athletes trying to maximise their athletic performance to regular folks with lifestyle and overweight issues trying to get fit and healthy. Coaching and training these people has provided him some unique insights into the most efficient and effective training systems. We at FloFitBox have designed a variety of Programs to holistically meet all your fitness requirements. As we go along, we will keep building on these and further add more fitness options for you. Our signature program is our “Strength and Conditioning” Class for all round Functional Fitness.


Our programs are well planned out and structured for a 4-6-week period, with systematic sequencing and cycling of movements and workouts. This is based on our well-rounded experience and know-how in training athletes and the general population, as well as in depth study and research on the matter.

For the 4-6 week cycle we will try to focus on certain aspects of fitness, be it Strength, Conditioning, Gymnastics or Endurance. So, for example in a cycle the focus could be on “Strength”, wherein a lot of strength-based movements like back squats, front squats, deadlifts etc. are programmed in the wods. You would have a progressive build up of these strength movements during the cycle, starting from a lower percentage of your max to higher percentages towards the end of the cycle. That way if you were a regular member you would see good results in your strength numbers at the end of that cycle. After 4-6 weeks that strength cycle would taper off while we move into another cycle where the emphasis could be on endurance. where you would have a lot of running, rowing, air dyne etc programmed into the wods. So while the wods change from a day to day basis with a variety of movement there would be a clear focus and a central theme for a cycle.


WODs will vary from day to day, with weightlifting movements, gymnastics/bodyweight exercises and metabolic conditioning modalities mixed up in a creative and scientific manner. We will use different WOD formats - couplets, triplets, chippers etc. and multiple time domains throughout the week to keep things interesting. One should expect a mix of all of these elements throughout the week.

Mondays through Wednesdays will be intense, Thursdays will be a day where we slow down and focus on skills, like double unders, handstand pushups etc., followed with a short conditioning wod including the skill movement of the day. And Fridays we go hard again!


Warm Up, followed by general stretching, then, wod specific mobility & stretching, followed by the WOD: Strength /Skill section followed by Conditioning section, some days the two will be combined into one long workout, and end with a proper Cooldown.


Challenge yourself today with the most effective total body workouts in town. Our Classes will help you burn a ton of calories and build functional strength with movements rooted in everyday life. The program is perfect for people of all ages and abilities. All you need is a desire to get started.

Our workouts include high-intensity functional movements with constant variety, that never let your body get comfortable and the results will never stop pouring in. Workouts are different every day, intense, but altered for each participant’s current fitness level. Trust our expert programming and personalised coaching to help you achieve your goals.

Our workouts will help you:

  • Build lean muscles across your entire body

  • Boost your cardiovascular health and endurance

  • Improve your flexibility and coordination

  • Boost self-confidence like never before